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Big Brother Titans Yemi’s supporters gift him brand new Mercedes Benz GLE 350 (video)

Former Big Brother Titans competitor and reality television sensation Yemi Cregx’s friends and supporters presented him with a brand new automobile.

Since his participation in the Big Brother Titans season 1 show, fans all around the world have given Yemi a Mercedes Benz GLE 350 to express and appreciate their love for him, as well as to exhibit their collective support.

On Sunday, July 16, Yemi’s followers presented him with the car via Instagram’s official fan page, @cregxforce, as they gathered in numbers to express their thanks.

Fans have also suggested on the official supporters’ website that there would be more surprises for their monarch in the coming weeks.


The following is a note from a supporter:

“Unveiling a Dream: A Gift from Our CregxForce Globally. “Join us as we bring the ultimate surprise to our beloved Super star, The King of CregxForce. With overwhelming love and unity, fans from around the world have come together, collecting funds to present him with a remarkable gift: a brand-New Mercedes Benz GLE 350!

“Today, we stand in awe as we reveal this symbol of appreciation, gratitude, and admiration for his incredible journey. Our Super star, brace yourself for the moment that will take your breath away!

“This is more than just a car; it represents the boundless connection we share, transcending borders and uniting hearts in celebration of your triumphs. Let this ride be a reminder of the love and support that surround you always!

“To our worldwide family, your generosity has made this incredible surprise possible. Together, we’ve shown the world the true power of unity and the impact of genuine fan love. Let’s continue to shine
brighter and stand together in appreciation of our extraordinary star! We love you so Much @kingcregx. Signed, CREGXFORCE COMMITEE”

See video

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